Program Initiatives

The Gathering Space

We're going beyond the usual.
The Gathering Space (GS), supports community healers (i.e. nurses, allied health professionals, teachers, therapists, mediators) with experiential knowledge and the skills needed to become qualified TFR facilitators in the Black community.The goal of GS is to facilitate a healthy Black community in Canada that is empowered to create culturally safe environments.
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Smashing the Mirror

22-week anti-racism curriculum

The project model introduces a trauma-informed, anti-racism curriculum to grade 10 teachers and ~200 youth (14-15 years old). It recognizes the Black and Aboriginal experiences of the past 500 years as traumatic in nature and recognizes the corresponding traumatic responses as a significant hindrance to social, economic, and political participation.

The program uniquely attends to individual and community healing using a 22-week curriculum that uses assimilated indigenous and non-indigenous ways of knowing to “speak truth”, introduces a forgiveness process to support trauma-resolution and healing at the individual and group level, foster reconciliation, and engage students in a capacity building process that teaches them how to effectively advocate for change and end the perpetuation of racism in their school environment.

18-Month Certificate Program

465 years of trauma requires a special kind of care

In Fall 2023, The Village of Peace will launch its 18-month Trauma Recovery Specialist certificate program. The program will support nurses, allied health practitioners, registered psychotherapists, and community healers to enhance their skill and proficiency in healing the multiple and layered traumatic wounds endured by people of African and Aboriginal descent. Program Participants will;

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One black woman with arms wide open enjoying freedom in a beautiful sunset in a countryside field

Truth, Forgiveness & Reconciliation

One black woman with arms wide open enjoying freedom in a beautiful sunset in a countryside field
We don't come out of 465 years of trauma individually, we do it together!

In 2020, we made Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation ceremonies a natural part of our healing journey. We recognize that while governments are able to speak truth about other atrocities like the Jewish and Aboriginal genocide and even the Canadian – Japanese atrocities of the early 1900s, they are unwilling to speak about the African enslavement experience, the takeover of African lands, and the perpetuation of hatred and discrimination towards people of African descent that continues even today. 

We decided we would address the truth of our experience, forgive the atrocities, and focus on reconciliation internally.

There can be no reconciliation with others if we don’t first reconcile with ourselves. In February and October each year, we host a full day Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation ceremony to acknowledge the atrocities of the past 465 years

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