Truth, Forgiveness & Reconciliation

side shot of a black man standing outside with his arms outstretched in pure happiness. Soaking in the fresh air
There can be no reconciliation with others if we don't first reconcile with ourselves.

Truth, Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Reconciling the past 465 Years
side shot of a black man standing outside with his arms outstretched in pure happiness. Soaking in the fresh air

In 2020, we made Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation ceremonies a natural part of our healing journey. We recognize that while governments are able to speak truth about other atrocities like the Jewish and Aboriginal genocide and even the Canadian – Japanese atrocities of the early 1900s, they are unwilling to speak about the African enslavement experience, the takeover of African lands, and the perpetuation of hatred and discrimination towards people of African descent that continues even today. 

We decided we would address the truth of our experience, forgive the atrocities, and focus on reconciliation internally.

In February and October each year, we host a full day Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation ceremony to acknowledge the atrocities of the past 465 years.


What will you receive?

We don't come out of 465 years of trauma individually, we do it together!
  • We learn from one another, our elders, and historical experts

  • We moved through a prayerful process and as a group speak aloud our forgiveness of the atrocities. We forgive them and then we forgive ourselves for perpetuating the same harm on each other.

  • We express love for ourselves, and our ways of being.

  • We acknowledge and embrace the part we must now play as peacemakers for the planet.

  • We make a new decision that this must never happen again. Not to us. Not to anyone on the planet.

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TFR Facilitation Request!

It is a beautiful experience when black people come together to heal and move in oneness to the next level of our humanitarian Journey. We welcome you to one of our bi-annual events. We also welcome the opportunity to facilitate a truth forgiveness and reconciliation event hosted by your organization. Send us your TFR facilitation request by filling out the form on our contact page.

We will review your request and promptly get back to you.

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